Netatmo Add a Touch of Smartness

Arteor with Netatmo is a radio based solution for the connected home. The intelligent products communicate with one another via radio ZigBee (2.4 GHz waveband).

This means there is no need for specific or extensive cabling. Also, although the range only contains a few products, these can be used to create lots of individual solutions for a more customised feel at home.

Arteor with Netatmo has been designed and developed as a simple solution to make every house more individual, convenient and secure. Simple for planners, who are able to integrate many useful functions without having to provide for complicated cabling.

Please note that you have to have a good working wireless signal in your home to setup the devices.

4 Senarios

A single press will turn off the lights and close all the shutters as you leave the home, meaning you save time and gain convenience. Increase comfort through pre-programmed life scenes, such as Wake up / Sleep.

Monitor Power Usage

Allows you to remotely control electrical appliances, measure instantaneous consumption, monitor daily or monthly consumption and to be alerted with smart notifications check your real-time energy consumption.

Control Blinds/Curtains

For convenient individual or central control of roller blinds or curtains. Locally or remotely open or close individually or via a wake up or sleep scenario.

Wireless Switches

Using wireless switches you can ensure your controls are always exactly where you want them, for example, lower on the wall to be within easy reach of the children. They can be repositioned as your children grow or when you decide to rearrange your furniture.

Smart Indoor Camera

Protect your home! The Smart Indoor Camera instantly notifies you if an intruder breaks into your house.

Coming Soon