Whole Home Audio

Nuvo, specialises in advanced whole home audio systems and solutions that deliver a truly unparalleled listening experience.

Conveniently available in wired or wireless configurations, the single zone Players and multi-zone rack-mount Players make it easy to build a unified whole home audio experience in up to 16 different zones (Rooms).

From networked audio content and iTunes libraries, to an expansive variety of Internet radio and streaming services. Your home will be filled with the music that moves you.

Scalable Sound Systems

Quality Speakers

Flush Mounted Speakers

Flush mounted loudspeakers for false ceilings are equipped with a magnetic face plate with a seamless flat appreace that make the speaker unseen.

Zone Player

Wired solution, suitable for new houses fitted with LAN cables or dual-band wireless (2.4 and 5 Ghz) solutions for existing homes.

Music App

Configures the devices and manages all the system functions using just a Tablet or a Smartphone connected to the home Wi-Fi network.